Parent Partnership

“God’s design is for families to unite and partner with the local church for the mutual purpose of discipleship.

In Genesis, God created the first institution – the family. He creates the second institution in the New Testament – the church. So how are we to view these two institutions? Are they rivals? Is one no longer needed? I believe the Bible teaches that the church and family are to be united for the same purpose. Deuteronomy 6:7 says that families are to “diligently teach [God’s Word] to your children,” but God says the same thing of the church in Ephesians 4:12, giving the church the task to “equip the saints.” Families are to teach young people. Churches are to teach all people, including young people. Why the overlap? Because the church and the family are to be united to accomplish discipleship. Families should no more drop their kids off at the church door to be discipled any more than they should avoid the church and try to go it alone. Family and church need each other to function like each is designed to function for the glory of God.” – Steve Wright