RBC Couples Learn What Not To Do in an Argument


RBC couples in the Song of Solomon Study by Tommy Nelson learned what not to do in an argument…  Nelson says all couples conflict, but some couples strengthen their marriage through conflict, others harm it.  He suggests these things to never do in an argument.

The 17 “Nevers” of Communicating with Your Spouse
1. Never raise your voice in your home.
2. Never publicly embarrass your mate.
3. Never quarrel before the children.
4. Never use the kids to win an argument.
5. Never talk about your spouse outside of your marriage.
6. Never use sex to win.
7. Never touch in anger.
8. Never call names.
9. Never get historical and call into account a wrong suffered.
10. Never stomp out.
11. Never freeze your mate out.
12. Never use the in-laws.
13. Never reason in the face of pain.
14. Never let the sun go down on your wrath and give the devil an
15. Never reverse an argument.
16. Never fail to listen to your mate.
17. Never harden yourself towards your spouse.


This Wednesday 2/11 we study the art of romance from Song of Solomon chapter 7 … Come join us Room 207 at 6:15 pm.

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