Two New Bible Study Classes to Begin This Sunday!

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Two new classes are starting this Sunday: The Nearly/Newly Wed Class and the Young Professionals Class. These 2 classes are birthed from the Young Adult Class.  There has been a recent surge in young married couples at Ridgedale according to senior pastor, Doug Plumlee. We needed a class that was specifically targeted toward the needs of engaged and newly married couples and one for the young professionals.

Young Adult Class leaders Jeremy and Erin Waddell will be leading the Nearly/Newly Wed class. They hope to give the same good guidance they received as a newly married couple in Louisville, KY.  The Waddells and other young marrieds were discipled through the early years of their own marriage by a couple a few years older and more experienced as a Christian pair.  They said the mentoring relationship was invaluable to them. The Nearly/Newly class will begin in the hospitality room at 9:15 this Sunday.

Seasoned Bible Study Teacher and former Missionary, Adney Cross will be leading the Young Professionals class. He has taught young people around the world. The YP class will meet in the Mom’s Morning Out classroom this Sunday at 9:15. Adney is an eager teacher who has years of experience teaching young men and women. He is currently teaching at Howard High School here in Chattanooga.

Please have anyone who would be interested in these classes call the church.  499-0994

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