RBC Votes to Partner with a Send North America Church Plant in Lakewood, Colorado


Ridgedale voted unanimously to partner with the North American Mission Board SEND North America initiative in a vote after worship yesterday. Senior Pastor Doug Plumlee, Missions Pastor Ciprian Balta and Student Pastor Ryan McBride recommended that Ridgdale partner with Calvary Church, Lakewood.   After meeting with 15 different church planters in the Denver area, Balta and McBride felt like Calvary Lakewood would be a good match for RBC. The pastors researched the needs, consulted with the staff, the missions and leadership teams and prayed extensively.  Calvary pastor, Jordan Branch, is excited about the partnership to reach families in the largely unchurched Lakewood area for Christ.

Calvary hosted a pre-launch worship service last week in a Lakewood. The church’s first official week to meet is September 20, 2015.  Ridgedale hopes to have a team on site the week prior to the launch to provide support for the church planters by helping with launch week events, preparation and spiritual support.

The partnership involves Ridgedale teams being on site 2-5 times a year and anywhere from $250-500 per month in financial support for the next 3 to 5 years, until the Colorado church can stand on its own.  RBC members are encouraged to pray, participate and provide. The recommendation came from the Missions committee and the Leadership Team and was supported by a 100% verbal assent by the congregation.

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