RBC’s July Focus… Vacation Bible School!

While many of Ridgedale’s weekday ministries take a Sabbath on the seventh month of the year, VBS gears up for a big impact in the RBC community.  Widows brunch, Men’s breakfast, Wednesday night fellowship meals, Brown bag lunch, Senior Adult Lunch, and some other Bible Studies take the month of July off to recharge, regroup, and refresh.  However, July is a key time for the RBC Kid’s ministry to reach children with the Good News while they are out of school and have reached a point in the Summer when “the blahs” can set in for kids and parents. RBC’s VBS is July 12-16 and this year’s theme is a Journey Off the Map. Be sure to sign up here.



On July 8th at 6PM we will have a churchwide VBS outreach night with opportunities to go hand out personal invitations to kids and their families.  If you prefer, you can join in a prayer walk around the campus for all the VBS kids, families, and leaders.

I encourage you to pick up some VBS invitation cards (available in the Atrium) for any kids you know that may like to attend this exciting week of fun and learning.

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