Pray for Me Campaign

The Pray for Me Campaign gives students from 3rd Grade through 12th Grade the opportunity to invite three adult believers to be their Prayer Champions for a school year. Our goal is to equip young people with the intergenerational relationships they need to stay connected in the church and rooted in their faith.

Students invite three new adults from three different generations to be their Prayer Champions each school year. A student’s invitation builds a bridge from their generation to the next which their Prayer Champions can cross at any time. This creates a vast web of vital intergenerational relationships.

Prayer Champions pray using the Pray for Me Prayer Guide, which is designed to help adults stay the course in effectively praying Scripture over their student for a school year. It covers 7 Essential Biblical categories that ensure students are prayed for in ways critical to their flourishing in the faith.

Sign up this Sunday in the lobby or CLC. Launch service September 13th 9:30 am CLC.

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