Happier Marriage Begins October 14!


The Happier Marriage class begins October 14th! This seminar will offer everyday practices from God’s Word that can make your marriage happier.  The material comes from the Bible, as well as, several other relationship building resources and is the classroom version of a popular weekend retreat hosted by Anita and Bill McGinnis a few years ago.  The class is in an interactive format and will include practical steps to nurturing happier relationships.  Bill and Anita bring 25 years of marriage experience and nuggets of great relationship practices from a quarter century of participation in marriage classes, inventories, and retreats by experts in the field, as well as, countless hours studying books and research studies on the subject. Bill says, “We are relational beings and there are certain things we can do each day to make a happier marriage.” The class begins Wednesday night, October 14th at 6PM in room 402 (2nd floor across the hall from the sanctuary balcony). Call the church office for more info. 423-499-0994

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