Ridgedale Calls On Its Sports and Recreation “DNA” For Colorado Mission 2016!

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Ridgedale has a rich history and vast experience in Sports and Recreation Camps, Clinics, and Programs.  You could say Children’s Sports Programs are a part of Ridgedale’s “DNA.” Ridgedale has several acres of recreation fields, a dedicated Recreation Pastor and premier church-based baseball, soccer, and flag football programs as well as many years of experience with these sports offerings for children.   Ridgedale will partner with Colorado Church Plant, Calvary Lakewood to help host “Soccer Nights,” a character and community based soccer clinic designed for church plants.  Calvary Lakewood pastor, Jordan Branch, says he feels like Ridgedale’s sports camp expertise would be very helpful to reach out to the families in the Lakewood community. It seems like a good relationship, Ridgedale has a lot experience in sports camps and Denver is supposedly the fittest city in the country.  Ridgedale can offer the gifts it uses to reach Chattanooga in a church across the country.  Join us in praying that June 18-25, 2016 will reap a great harvest of families for Christ in Denver.

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