RBC “3-2-1 Engage” Cards will Stress Prayer and Relationships in Sharing the Gospel

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This Sunday Dr. Doug Plumlee will introduce “3-2-1 Engage” cards as a part of the Ridgedale 2016 vision… Life On Mission: SENT.  These cards are designed to be tools for joining God in His loving pursuit of those who are not yet believers.

Each person at RBC is asked to take a “3-2-1 Engage” card and…

  1. List 3 names of unbelieving or unchurched friends.
  2. Pray for them at least 2 times per week with some other believers.   You could pray a couple of times each week in your Sunday School class, home group, Wednesday Bible study or music group.  During Sunday School, we will break up into groups of 4 or 5 for a few minutes to pray specifically for these friends.
  3. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, initiate a spiritual conversation.  This can be sharing the Gospel, telling how God has impacted your life, or inviting them to church. Some good times to ask them to meet you at church are: Easter, the beginning of a new school year, or Christmas.

We are SENT by Christ into the world where we live to be His witnesses (John 20:21). As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:20a (NIV)We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.” We are to be salt and light to those around us.

One word of caution though. The Gospel must be about relationships; loving relationships with those who are made in the image of God. A tool like this can actually end up harming the relationship if we are not careful. Missionary Rodney Calefee, in a book called Tradecraft, warns:

“Don’t be a friend to anyone just so he will become a believer. If people are worth the relationship because they are created in the God’s image, then they are worth it whether they ever follow Jesus or not. We should treat others the way we would wish to be treated, and there is nothing in any of us that wants to endure a relationship with an underlying unknown or hidden motive.” 

There is nothing more wonderful than helping lead a friend to salvation in Jesus Christ, but we can do it with care and prayer as we join the Holy Spirit in His work.

Join RBC in this prayerful endeavor to reach those around us with the Good News!  Doug will share the 2016 vision this Sunday, January 10, and Sunday, January 17 we will distribute the “Engage” cards.

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