RSFA Policies and Information

Ridgedale School of Fine Arts – Policies and Information


  • RIDGEDALE SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS (RSFA) registration for new or existing students is made at the beginning of a semester, but registration is accepted at any time throughout the school year.
  • Registration fee for an individual student is $60 per year, with a maximum fee of $85 per family. RSFA will pro-rate the registration fee after January 1 to $35 per student, with a maximum $60 per family. The fee is due on or before the first lesson.
  • Checks for registration fees should be made payable to Ridgedale School of Fine Arts and submitted with registration forms.
  • Click the link below to fill out a registration form online!



  • Students or parents are responsible for all lesson fees, the purchase of music books, and any audition or festival fees.
  • The lesson fee for each discipline is $85 per month for weekly thirty-minute lessons, $125 per month for weekly forty-five-minute lessons, and $155 per month for weekly one-hour lessons.  Payment is due to the teacher at the first lesson of each month.
  • Lesson fee checks should be made payable to Ridgedale Baptist Church.



  • Consistent lesson attendance is encouraged.
  • Lessons missed by the student may be rescheduled at the teacher’s discretion, depending on the reason for absence and time available.
  • Lessons missed by the teacher may also be rescheduled.
  • Lesson time switching is permissible but must be arranged between students and teachers.
  • In the event of a cancellation, each teacher should be given at least a four-hour notice.  Students should contact the teacher directly and not the RSFA. Only emergency calls for or from students should be made to the main Ridgedale Baptist Church office.



  • Refunds for registration fees will not be made for early withdrawals.  Enrollment applies to the full school year or the remainder of the year if enrolling after January 1.
  • Any lesson fees unused, resulting from missed lessons by teachers or early withdrawal of students, may be discussed between teachers and students.



  • Each student of the RSFA is encouraged to prepare repertoire on their applied instrument for annual Spring Recitals. The date and time of recitals are determined by the individual teachers and the RSFA.
  • Other recitals, local and state competitions, or auditions are optional but encouraged and will be determined jointly by individual teachers and students.
  • In addition, opportunities for students to use their talents in off-campus settings as an encouragement to others may be offered by teachers.
  • Ridgedale Baptist Church very much enjoys hearing students play in times of worship occasionally. If students and teachers can arrange it, we certainly welcome this.



  • Every attempt will be made to safely and effectively meet for all lessons. Inclement weather and school closings may not always be a limiting factor. (See the Safety Guidelines document for further information.)
  • The best means of determining cancellations is to ask the individual teacher.
  • The Ridgedale Baptist Church office may be contacted regarding cancellations after every attempt has been made to reach the individual teacher.



  • RSFA calendar does not always follow public school holidays, teacher work days or school closings. Please confer with individual fine arts teachers for questions regarding holidays.



  • Non-piano students must provide their own instrument. Teachers may offer valuable advice and assist in obtaining instruments upon request.
  • The school does not provide or rent instruments.



  • We want you, your children, teachers, children in our Child Development Center, church staff and guests to be safe while on the Ridgedale campus. New Safety Guidelines were adopted in March 2016 for these purposes.
  • These guidelines are available from RSFA faculty. Carefully read and explicitly follow these guidelines!
  • These guidelines must be signed indicating your agreement and adherence. Your registration for the school year (or partial school year) is not considered complete without a signed copy of the Safety Guidelines form.



  • The RSFA will conduct and sanction all lessons, classes and recitals on the property of Ridgedale Baptist Church and will be insured as specified within the church’s policy.
  • If lessons, classes or recitals are conducted at a location other than Ridgedale Baptist Church, then the parent and/or guardian of the student and the student (if of legal age) hereby release RSFA, Ridgedale Baptist Church, its staff, employees, members and church sponsors from any liability from accident, injury, or misconduct while participating in the off-campus lesson. Your signature on the Registration Form confirms that you understand and agree to this legal policy.


All adult RSFA students and the parents or guardians of younger students must sign the Registration Form indicating their acceptance of and adherence to these Student Policies.


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