Calvary Church Lakewood: Christmas Update 2017

Dear Friends and Partners,

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of this church plant! As we approach the 2nd anniversary of Calvary Church Lakewood next month, I want to introduce you to Emily.

Regularly, I take a member of Calvary with me to a community college cafeteria or a mall food court to engage others in gospel conversation. Upon buying our food we ask a stranger if he/she wouldn’t mind if we sit with them for lunch and ask a few questions on themes from my upcoming sermon. Some decline, but many accept. On the 16th of November, we met Emily, a student at a local community college. Since my next sermon was on Jesus calming the storm from Mark 4, my questions focused on faith and how one overcomes fear. Very quickly, we learned Emily was not a Christian but believed God was an energy force and meant different things to different people.

We spent time listening to her and asking questions about her life story. She admitted she was searching for identity and was on a journey. Toward the end of our conversation, we shared with Emily the hope and message of the gospel. I encouraged Emily to continue seeking, and to understand that to truly find herself she must understand that the big question isn’t who we are, but whose we are. God is so much more than an energy force. God is our father, and our sin has separated us from him. But he has made a way for us to come back to him. What we need most is reconciliation through Christ.

I share this story because Denver is full of people like Emily, Individuals looking for meaning and purpose, but tragically looking in all the wrong places. Our church, exists in this city because people like Emily need to hear and believe the good news of Jesus Christ. Matt, Jeremy, Cole, Seth, Tim…these are names of people who I have meet through this practice over the past two months. Please pray for them! And pray for the members of Calvary. Our mission is to glorify God by making joyful, passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. Making a habit of sharing the gospel regularly is a commitment of our church as we make disciples of Jesus.

In January, we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary as a church. I am excited to report Calvary Lakewood continues to grow in membership and attendance (see images below)! However, the journey of planting Calvary Church Lakewood is far from finished. Significant needs and opportunities for ministry in our city and church exist that will not happen without your financial support and prayer. Please, take a moment to stop and pray for this church plant (see requests below). We are deeply grateful for all your prayers and support!


His Kingdom Come!

Jordan Branch | Pastor

Calvary Church – Lakewood


Please Pray!

~ For our people to be habitual in inviting their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to the community of the church.

~ For spiritual protection of our pastors and their families and strength in their marriages.

~ For an ever-growing love for Jesus Christ, the gospel, and the Church.

~ That Calvary’s congregation would reflect more and more the cultural diversity of our community.

~ Praise! Pastor Jordan completing his Doctor of Ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

~ Praise! Another pastor and deacon will be ordained in early 2018 at Calvary Lakewood.

Images from this year!

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