Family Forum


Hey Ridgedale, Pastor Chris here to let you know about a really exciting opportunity we have coming soon for families of kids and students. In ministry, we firmly believe that parents are the primary disciple-makers of the children and our role as pastors is to best equip and encourage families and parents as they seek to make disciples in their homes. With this in mind, we will be hosting the first of what will be a series of events that we’re calling Family Forums where we’ll seek to equip and empower parents to engage their children in culturally relevant topics.


Our first Family Forum will be Friday, April 30th from 5:30 to 8pm here at the church. At this event we will be discussing the topic; parenting in the digital age. The reality is that 77% of parents say raising kids is harder now than it was when they were kids and that 65% of them cite technology and social media as the reason behind this. What we want to do is come alongside families as the look to engage with their kids in these spaces.

“How much technology and media should I allow my children to consume?”
“How can technology play a role in further developing my children?”
“What are my children hearing and seeing through the various social media apps out there?”
“What are some best practices I can put in place now to help my family embrace, but not be mastered by technology?”

Ridgedale is blessed to have some incredibly wise leaders and so joining me at this event will be Cara Cochran, Associate Dean of the School of Counseling and professor of counseling at Richmont Graduate University here in Chattanooga. Cara has been working in the counseling field for upwards of twenty years and has immense experience in helping families navigate our new digital age. Cara and I will walk parents through practical, clinical, and pastoral implications for technology and social media use and hopefully encourage, engage, and empower parents as they disciple their children. We are offering this event totally free of charge and are simply asking that you register on our website to attend. We will be providing dinner and childcare that night, as well as sending each family home with some resources including a copy of Andy Crouch’s book The Tech-Wise Family. We would love for you and your family to consider taking part in this event and we hope to see you here on April 30th!