MidWeek will return on August 17th, 2022


Amos: Difficult Message in Hard Times

Teacher: Doug Plumlee | Wednesdays, 6-7p | Rm 102-103 & Facebook Live |

The focus of this class will be the book of Amos. This is an open class for all ages and you can start attending at any time. It will be lecture based with some discussion at the end. We will walk through the book of Amos verse by verse.

You can also join us on Facebook Live at 6p. We would encourage you to interact as you watch live!

Tough Questions. Bible Answers.

Teacher: Ryan McBride | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | Ridgedale Room | FREE |

The focus of this class will be on answering tough questions about culture, life, family, and theology. This will be a 6-8 week class. For the first few weeks, Ryan will be answering the main tough questions believers have and for the last weeks, Ryan will answer questions that people in the class have. If you have questions you would like Ryan to discuss please email him at ryanm@ridgedalebaptist.org. This will be an open class and you can join at any time.

Marital Foundations: Keys to A Fulfilling and God-Honoring Marriage

Teacher: Alan and Lauren Denton | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | Young Couples Room | Recommended Resources Referred at First Meeting |

Whether you are a seasoned couple looking to continue to grow in your marriage, a newlywed couple desiring to start your marriage well, or engaged to be married, this class is designed to help your relationships grow into what God desired them to be. This is an 8 week class where we will talk about communication, healthy expectations, finances, and even sex (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone we’re talking about that in church). For more information or questions, please email Alan Denton at alan@ridgedalebaptist.org.



Leader: Penny Holloway | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | Library | $10

The focus of this class will be the book Boundaries, a study with Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. This is an open class for all ages and you can start attending at any time. It is lecture and discussion based. What are boundaries? What do I need them? How do I get others – and myself – to recognize and respect my boundaries? Being a loving and unselfish Christian does not mean never telling anyone no so let’s use God’s wisdom in Scripture to understand boundaries.

Elijah: Overcoming an Intimidating Culture

Teacher: Debbie McMahan | Wednesdays, 5–6p | Hospitality Room | $10

The focus of this class will be the book, Elijah, by David Jeremiah. Our society is tolerant of almost everything except biblical Christianity, and that can put us on the defensive. Dr. David Jeremiah studies the life of Elijah and shows us how we can overcome our timidity as we follow Christ. This is an open class for all ages and you can start attending at any time. It is lecture and discussion based.

The Gospel Of John

Teacher: Kim Nichols | Thursdays, 9:30-11a | Ridgedale Room |

Beginning October 27th, Thursday at 9:30 am, We will begin an inductive bible study on the second half of the book of John. We will cover chapters 11-21. The title of the book is The Gospel of John, a Simply Bible Study by Carmen Beasley, Women’s Ministry Director at the Chapel in Green, OH. 



Teacher: David Holloway | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | Rm 207 | $10

The focus of this class will be the book of Luke. We will be using Exalting Jesus in Luke is part of the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary series. This is an open class for all ages and you can start attending at any time. It is lecture and discussion based.


Kid’s Entrance is at the main welcome center, look for the green Kid’s Check-in sign.

Kids’ Explore

Leader: Emily McBride | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | Children’s Hall & Preschool Hall

All Children, Kindergarten – 5th grade

Kids explore is a time for all children to explore the Bible and learn the truths of who God is. Children will rotate through three stations each night: teaching, small group journaling, and worship workshop. Using the curriculum, I Stand In Awe: A Study for Children About the Bible, children will see the Bible as a precious gift from God. Through their study of the Bible, we pray that children will see God as precious also. 


Student Worship Service (House Night)

Leader: Chris Frakes | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | The Living Room

House Night is a time for students grades 6-12 to come together for a time of fellowship, community, and worship as the family of God. Gather in the gym or Living Room (across from the gym) for some hang out time before we dive into worship through song and the Word at 6:15p. We’ll wrap up the nights with a quick time in small groups to discuss the lesson and then break the night in with a challenge. Stick around after for some basketball, soccer, or just hanging out.


College Bible Study

Leader: Various Student Leaders | Wednesdays, 6-7:30p | FREE

College will be meeting for a home group Bible study each Wednesday night beginning September 7. Please use the contact us page or DM @rbccollege on Facebook or Instagram for more info.


Choir and Worship Team Rehearsal

Leader: Michael Johnson | Wednesdays, 6-7p | Sanctuary & Choir Room

Worship Team at 6p and Choir at 6:30pm

For anyone serving in the Sanctuary choir and Worship Team music ministry

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