Next Steps

Looking to take a next step of faith at Ridgedale? Learn more about getting baptized, connecting with a community group, becoming a member, and discovering the Discipleship Pathway.

Encounter Christ: Where to begin.

The best place to begin on the Pathway to Discipleship here at Ridgedale is with our church-wide Bible reading plan. You can jump in with us at any point in the year!

The Scriptures are absolutely key in the process by which the Spirit gives—and strengthens—the faith of Christians.

R.C. Sproul

The beginning of a new year is a time when many Christians evaluate their Scripture reading habits and begin or change a Bible reading plan. Here at Ridgedale, reading Scripture daily is a vital part of the Discipleship Pathway; Encounter Christ. Starting in January, please plan to join us as a church body as we use the Foundations, New Testament reading plan. Below you will see a PDF you print, a link to a hard copy Bible you can purchase, or use the link to use the Bible App on your phone.

Connect With A Community Group

Community Groups effectively take the larger church crowd and make the body smaller and accessible, from hundreds of people to 10-20 people living in community together. Community Groups focus on studying the Bible, prayer, and sharing a meal (Acts 2:42). Although it is essentially impossible to fellowship, to live in community, with the entire body of Ridgedale Baptist Church throughout the week, members of Community Groups will study, pray, eat, and live in Gospel Community with the other people in their group during weekly gatherings.

What Else Will We Do in Community Groups?

Along with the regular group meetings to share a meal, pray, and study the Word together, we also think it is important for group members to spend time doing other activities together. We encourage our groups to party and serve quarterly. So for one group meeting a quarter, you just share a meal, play games, etc. These party dates are great times to invite prospective group members, family, friends, neighbors, to come see what your group is all about. For one group meeting per quarter (and obviously as often as you desire to do so), we would love for our groups to find a way to serve and be on mission in their communities.

Who Can Be In Community Groups?

As we work to Equip Disciples at Ridgedale, it is our expectation that all members will participate in community groups. However, we also welcome anyone who wants to follow the Great Commission, to enjoy fellowship, and grow in their faith with other members of the body to also join a Community Group. Lost family members, friends, and co-workers may not feel comfortable attending a corporate worship service, but they may very well accept an invitation to come to your home group to share a meal and discuss the Bible. Our lost neighbors may accept an invitation to come to a classroom setting or a coffee shop to learn about Jesus in a safer, relaxed environment, where they can ask questions and know that they are loved. We must always remember the Great Commission in everything that we do at Ridgedale to ensure that we are living on mission to Equip Disciples and Engage the Nations to Encounter Christ. Ideally, Community Group members will live in close proximity to one another, in the same neighborhood or at least the same part of the Chattanooga area, which will allow for regular interactions inside and outside of the Community Group.

What Types of Community Groups Do We Offer?

At Ridgedale, we offer a variety of Community Group settings:

Sunday School Classes

The first type of Community Group that we offer at Ridgedale is our traditional Sunday School classes. Each Sunday morning, from 9:45-10:45 AM, these classes meet around the Ridgedale campus. Most classes are co-ed and age-segmented, although certain classes are same gender and open to a variety of age groups.

Small Group Bible Studies

The second variety of Community Group settings is our Small Group Bible studies. These groups meet throughout the week at various times and places. Several Small Group Bible studies meet on Wednesday nights on the Ridgedale campus from 6:00-7:30 PM. Wednesday night groups coincide with our children’s and youth group Bible studies and are a convenient option for families.

Home Groups

The last category of Community Groups that we offer at Ridgedale is the Home Group. Home Groups take place in the homes of church members across the Greater Chattanooga area at various days and times. Home Groups are co-ed and open to all ages. Home Groups share a meal together and then study the Bible together.

How Do I get Plugged into a Community Group?

To find a Community Group that best fits with your schedule open document below. Or email our Discipleship Pastor Ryan at

Become A Member

Membership at Ridgedale is not a formality, but a meaningful two-way commitment. On your part, it is a commitment to our family. On Ridgedale’s part, it is a commitment to you.

The first step to becoming a member at a Ridgedale (or simply learning more about what we believe) is to attend one of our quarterly membership classes. Upcoming classes and events can be found here. To learn more about what our membership class looks like, we invite you to watch the video below. We also invite you to contact us if you have any questions about what this process looks like for you!