Here in Ridgedale Student Ministry it is our belief that we are not just a student ministry, we are a family. The Greek word, “Oikos,” means, “family,” or, “house,” and that is the word that we are building the mission and vision of RSM around moving forward. It is our desire that students would encounter Christ, be equipped as disciples, and engage the nations, and we believe that best happens in the way we see it accomplished at the end of Acts 2. When the family of God manifests itself as just that, a family, the work of ministry becomes second nature, you’re just adding to the family.

It is our passion and driving force that RSM would be used for the glory of God in seeing the students of Chattanooga and the surrounding area come into the family of God and live eternally in the Kingdom of God. With this vision and mission in mind we look to connect students to Christ through study of the Word, discipleship, missions, and worship. It is our belief that as the Holy Spirit works through these different avenues that real life change can occur and that real students will move from death in sin to life in Christ.

We would love for you to connect with us either at special events that can be found further down the page or through our weekly Sunday morning and Wednesday night programming. Check out more information on these below!

The House: Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm

House Night is our time for the RSM family to come together as a whole! Our Wednesday night gathering is open for students from 6th-12th grade to attend and is located in the gym (CLC). Students can enter through the Encounter entrance on the west side of the church. At House Night there will be time for hanging out, shooting hoops, playing 9 square as well as, worship through song and through the Word and 25 minute breakout groups to discuss our time in the Word. House Night is always fun, engaging, and high energy and is an awesome time to get plugged in to the RSM family!

House Night has been off for the summer but will resume on August 14th with Parent’s Night, a time for parents to come with their student to see what we do in RSM!

Sunday Small Groups: Sundays 9:15-10:15 am

Sunday Small Groups is another great way to get plugged in to what’s going on in RSM! We gather in the student area next to the gym in the mornings for some time of fellowship, video games in The Hall, waking up with a cup of coffee or playing some ping-pong before splitting off into small groups. Our groups are separated into middle school boys, middle school girls, high school boys, and high school girls to allow students to feel comfortable interacting with students their own age. Our small group leaders are absolute rockstars and facilitate in-depth Bible study and discussion as well as fostering a great community atmosphere. Once small groups are out, meet up with your parents or head in with your friends to either our traditional or Encounter services as we worship corporately as the Church!

What we’re studying this spring: Ephesians


Starting on Sunday, January 5th, we will begin walking through a semester long study of the book of Ephesians! Ephesians has so much beneficial wisdom for all walks of life, ages, and spiritual maturity levels. Through this study we hope to present students with a foundational understanding of the theology Paul presents through this book, the need for unity in the church, and the ultimate purpose of glorifying God through our lives by means of the Spirit.

Parent Partnership

Click the link above to see how we at Ridgedale Baptist church seek to partner with parents for the sake of the Gospel.  On this page you will find help on leading and discipling your family.  We have an email based Parenting Class, helpful articles, and videos.

Coming Soon:

End Game: Love, Dating, Singleness & Friendship Under Christ // Feb. 12-Mar. 4

It’s February so that means it’s time to do a relationship series in student ministry (cue sarcastic applause)!!! In all seriousness, relationships are more than just the ones that involve dating and marriage. As followers of Jesus, we are engaged in a multitude of relationships, all of which come under the control and dominion of Christ. In this series we want to give a Biblical framework for dating and singleness, but beyond that we want students to understand what real love is, how friendships magnify Christ, and how we as Christians have a call to Godly relationships in every facet of life.

‘GURT NIGHT: DEFY Trampoline Park // Feb. 21

Our ‘GURT NIGHT for the month of February will be the 21st at DEFY trampoline park just off of Gunbarrel Road. Join us from 6-8p and bring your jumping socks!


The girls of RSM are at it again this time with a progressive dinner! Girls will meet at the church and be driven by adult leaders to houses for soup/salad, dinner, and then dessert, worship, and teaching back at the church. There is no cost to attend and guests are highly encouraged!


Girls don’t get all the fun…Join us on March 7th from 5:30-8p for our first ever Guy’s Night in RSM. We’ll have some games, teaching time, and share a meal together as we look at what it means to be a man as defined in Scripture not by culture.

‘GURT NIGHT: Pixar’s Onward at Regal Hamilton Place // Mar. 20

Our third installment of ‘GURT NIGHT will be on March 20th (time TBD) as we pile up to see Disney Pixar’s newest film Onward! So far ‘GURT NIGHT has been a huge success so join us that night for some fun and community bonding and a great movie!

Tough Topics: Clear Answers in a Murky World // Mar. 11-25th

We are jumping back into our Tough Topics series for three weeks as we wrap up our series on relationships. Last time we studied comparative religions and the issue of pain and the existence of a sovereign God. This time around we will take a look at three new questions;

  1. Is Christianity Homophobic?
  2. Is the Bible a Reliable Source?
  3. How can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

We can’t wait to study these topics to prepare us to Biblically respond to the criticisms of the culture we live in!



Stay up to date on all that’s going on in RSM as we move through the spring semester!

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