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Here at Ridgedale our desire is to see young adults in Chattanooga, TN meaningfully connect to Christ and each other by encountering Christ, equipping disciples, and engaging the nations.

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What it means to live in your 20’s and 30’s has significantly changed over the last 40 years. College and post-graduate schooling, getting married later in life, and a fluid job market means that young adults settle down and plant roots later in life than ever before. This can make it difficult to find deep and meaningful connections, especially as Christians. Ridgedale wants to cultivate a space for young adults in Chattanooga to learn about Jesus, grow in spiritual friendship, and be thoughtful witnesses in the marketplace.

If you are seeking a place to belong, our group welcomes you. Scroll down for our summer schedule and to see our two primary meeting times:

Young Pro Home Group: Sundays at 5:30pm

Our main time together as Young Professionals is Sunday nights at 5:30pm. This is home group where we share a meal, laugh a ton, pray with one another, and have a time of Bible study. If you’re a young pro looking for community, this is a great place to find where you belong! Email Josh for more information

Multi-Generational Sunday Morning Group with Young Pro’s: Sundays at 9:45am

On Sunday mornings during the Sunday school hour Young Professionals come together with folks from other generations for a discussion-based Sunday school class. This is the perfect place to get to know a wide variety of church members and connect with our young professionals on a Sunday morning. This class meets in Room 211 in our Sunday School wing at 9:45 AM.

Picture of Young Adults at the 2023 fall retreat.

Picture of Josh Powell - the pastor of the ministry.

Meet Our Young Pro Pastor: Josh Powell

Josh blogs regularly here.

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