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Today we want to answer the question that many of you are asking. When will we be worshipping together again? We don’t have all of the details finalized, and all of this is subject to change based on the number of cases. I want to thank you for all of your prayers and support during this very difficult time. We are trying to make the best decisions for our church family. Your safety and health have been the basis for our decisions and will continue to be our priority. I am so thankful for such a wonderful staff that have made it possible for us to continue worship online. Our online presence has exposed many new people to the Gospel and Ridgedale. We are excited about that, and we will continue a strong online presence going forward.

We have spent a lot of time praying about this plan and discussing it with other churches.  We hope that you will be supportive of our plans. We desperately want to get back to worship with you but want to be cautious.  We are trying to follow the guidelines given to us by Governor Lee. Here are our tentative plans as of now:

  1. We are planning to resume in-person worship on Sunday, June 7. We will have services at 9:00 and 11:00 am in both the Sanctuary and Encounter. We are allowing extra time between the services so that we can clean the building before the next service.
  2. We are recommending that you arrive about 15 minutes early so that we can get everyone into the services on time. For the safety and protection of others, we will be requiring that each person wear a mask and have their temperature checked before entering the building. For those that do not have masks, we will have some available for you. Any person that has a temperature above 100.4 will be asked to return home.
  3. For those uncomfortable in coming to services, we will continue an online worship service at and on our Facebook page at 11:00 am.
  4. We will be encouraging you to come with your SS class at an assigned time for worship. You will be required to register in advance and you can do so BELOW or call 423-499-0994. This will allow us to control the number of people in worship. We can only have 50% of the seating capacity in worship.
  5. We will be releasing a video in the coming weeks about what to expect when we resume in-person worship. We will send the video to you through email, and it will also be available on our website.
  6. We will not be offering nursery/preschool, children, or student classes on Sunday morning. We will have family worship only.
  7. There are several reasons for this date. One, we are watching to see if there will be a spike in cases now that businesses are re-opening. We don’t want to resume worship and then have to stop due to increased number of cases. Second, we are working together with several other churches of our size to move forward in unity. Third, we are in the process of securing the necessary protective equipment to ensure that we can return safely to worship.  We don’t want to expose anyone to this virus at church.
  8. We will continue to monitor guidelines from Governor Lee and keep you posted.
  9. We will be sharing additional plans as we enter Phase 1. Guidelines are changing on a daily basis so we are trying to evaluate the next phases.

We realize some of these items may be an inconvenience, but we are asking you to follow these guidelines so that we can protect each of you and our entire church. These recommendations are the best care practices for our health.

We will be getting you the details of future plans when we begin Phase 1.

Once again, thanks for your prayers and support.  All of these plans are subject to change based on the data concerning COVID-19. Please know that we love you and are looking forward to resuming worship soon.

Ridgedale Ministerial Staff

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