The Discipleship Pathway

Here at Ridgedale, our mission is simple: We want people to Encounter Christ, Equip Disciples, and Engage the Nations.

You may wonder what that looks like for you in a practical sense, so we put our mission into action in what we call “The Discipleship Pathway.”

As a member of Ridgedale, we want you to be involved in 3 specific areas of our church:

1. We want you to come to Encounter Christ in a weekly worship service and help you Encounter him daily in personal worship.

2. We want you to help you Equip Disciples in a weekly Community Group as you navigate life with others, guided by God’s Word and we want God’s Word to take root in you and spread to others as you make disciples in a D-Group of 3-5 men or women.

3. We want you to Engage the Nations through missions and service.

Where are you on The Discipleship Pathway? It’s time to take your next step!